The Finest American Made Furniture
Built Today!

Furniture is one of the most intimate products any of us will acquire. We furnish the places of our lives so our families will love returning home, so our friends will look forward to visiting.

None of us is aching to inherit our grandmother's car or television, but her china cabinet would be a prized possession. Great furniture creates, and carries, memories across time.

What makes one piece of furniture an heirloom while another remains ordinary?

Special design, painstaking craft, and construction, a history. These lend permanence and meaning to what would otherwise be just an object.

The finest furniture made uses solid construction, what-you-see-is-what-you-get joinery, the highest quality hardwoods, and stains. The finest American furniture made had a genius of design create fhundreds of new forms that are at once beautiful to look upon, practical to use, exceedingly strong and timeless.

The same devotion to design, the best workmanship, and enduring value that made the finest American made furniture a hundred years ago can still be found today at Gallery Furniture.

Furniture that is made even better today than it was over a hundred years ago. Still Made In America, One At A Time.

North Freeway Location
6006 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77076

Post Oak Blvd Location
2411 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

West Grand Parkway South Location
7227 West Grand Parkway South
Richmond, TX 77407

Gallery Furniture is honored to be your exclusive The Finest American Made Furniture built TODAY dealer in Houston, Texas. We invite you to experience the The Finest American Made Furniture built TODAY showroom today at any of our three Gallery Furniture locations.